Costume Vs. Fine Jewelry

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A note to our customers...Beadcreation is a terrific place to find beautiful costume jewelry at affordable prices. We have also expanded to carrying a limited supply of fine gold, silver, pearl, and semiprecious stone jewelry as well. In order to eliminate any confusion we thought it wise to mention all jewelry unless otherwise noted are costume pieces

Example of Costume Jewelry Listing

Beaded Net Chain Necklace

One of a kind creation! This pretty net like gold chain is adorned by beautiful shiny copper colored glass beads. Very alluring, very sexy. Be sure to check out the matching earrings that complete the set on our "sets" page.
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Chain Net Necklace

Example of Fine Jewelry
By Earth and Sea Necklace and Earring Set
This beautiful set was created from glass beads adorned by the treasures of land (amethyst) and sea (sea shells). 22k gold clasp.