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BeadCreation Handcrafted Jewelry
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Ribbon & Lace Chokers Novelty Jewelry
ribbon choker,measuring tape
Measure Me Up Choker Necklace
Fun little necklace. Would look really cute with overalls & a tool belt. Or maybe surprise your fella with just a tool belt!
bees necklace, choker,cute
Bees Knees Bumble Bee Ribbon Choker


turtle necklace
Happy Little Turtle Ribbon Choker Necklace
Duck themed jewelry,ribbon choker
Quackers Ribbon Choker
Cute little duckies in water with festive polk-a-dots
shiny silver choker, hologram jewelry, rave necklace
Radiant Ribbon Choker Necklace
Black ribbon with a radiant holographic strip down the middle
silver zipper choker black s m
All Zipped Up
Looks like a very real very shiny zipper, but it's really ribbon!

domino jewelry,novelty necklace,black and white jewelry
Domino Diva Ribbon Choker


animal prink ribbon choker
Pussycat Animal Print  Ribbon Choker

navy ribbon choker, navy jewelry, usa spirit
Hey Sailor!
Ribbon Choker

red bandana choker
Red Bandana Choker

yellow car, choker necklace
Little Yellow Cab Choker Necklace

stars and stripes,patrotic jewelry,red,white,blue
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Jewelry


hello kitty ribbon choker
Hello Kitty Ribbon Choker


pussycat choker necklace
Meow Meow Pussy Cat Ribbon Choker Necklace

red heart choker necklace adjustable
Sweetheart Choker

Hawian Jewelry
Hawaiian Vacation
Ribbon Choker

kiss me,flirty jewelry,ribbon choker
Kiss Me You Fool Ribbon Choker Necklace
This sweet little necklace just didn't photo well for me. It's a shiny black satin finish with metallic red writing that repeats "Kiss Me" separated by sexy red lip prints.
indian ribbon choker
Indian Inspirations


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