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BeadCreation Handcrafted Jewelry
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Ribbon Choker
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ribbon choker,measuring tape
Measure Me Up Choker Necklace

Fun little necklace. Would look really cute with overalls & a tool belt. Or maybe surprise your fella with just a tool belt!
black necklace
Black Magic Woman Silver and Black Ribbon Choker Necklace

No longer available in black and gold
animal prink ribbon choker
Pussycat Animal Print  Ribbon Choker

brown ribbon choker
Bashful Brown Transparent Ribbon Choker


Blossom of the Orient Embroidered Choker

black velvet choker
Petite Black Velvet Choker
3/8 inch wide velvet choker. Very subtle and classic.


Red, White, and Black Ribbon Choker

red plaid choker necklace,school girl
Red Plaid Ribbon Choker Necklace


Red velvet choker
Red Velvet Choker

Sizzling Style! Red hot velvet choker with golden adjustable closure. Slender and shapely red pendant at end of chain designed to dangle flirtatiously down the back of your neck.

Hawian Jewelry
Hawaiian Vacation
Ribbon Choker

stars and stripes,patrotic jewelry,red,white,blue
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Jewelry


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