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Velvet Chokers
New velvet chokers will be added each week between 1/20/06 - 2/28/06
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pink velvet chokers
Petal Pink Velvet Choker Necklace

Sweet pink velvet with scrolled cording.
black velvet choker
Black Velvet Choker

There is only one word to define this style, "classic". A forever fashion that's never out of style.
off white velvet choker
Vanilla Velvet Ribbon Choker

black velvet choker
Petite Black Velvet Choker
3/8 inch wide velvet choker. Very subtle and classic.

Red velvet choker
Red Velvet Choker

Sizzling Style! Red hot velvet choker with golden adjustable closure. Slender and shapely red pendant at end of chain designed to dangle flirtatiously down the back of your neck.

blue velvet necklace,velvet choker
These are available in a very limited supply. Available while supplies last.
Saphire Blue Velvet Choker

This rich saphire blue velvet is perfectly complimented by a beautiful handpainted  bead pendant at the end of the chain closure.

blue velvet choker necklace
These are available in a very limited supply. Don't delay, if you want one of these order today! Available while supplies last.
Baby Blue Velvet Choker
Just the necklace
Sold Out

Velvet choker and earring set
Sold Out
brown velvet choker
Extra Wide Soft Brown Velvet Choker

Slightly wider than the other velvet chokers. A one of a kind original. Brown is a really dominant color in this seasons fashion line up, as well as the clothes available at your favorite store right now. Don't miss out on this timeless fashion accessory.
Sold Out
black velvet choker
black velvet and leather
Black Scrolled Velvet Choker

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