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All Love Olives

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Olive Curing
2003 Olive Season Update

~In This Issue~
Curing OliveCuring Olive

 New Olive Recipes

Attention Olive Lovers! We've added a ton of  new recopies for cooking with olives. Everything from salads and appetizers to main dishes like fish, lasagna, & burgers Yum! Make your  mouth water at all the possibilities.

 Last Chance Olive Sale!

The end of the season is coming near. We've decided to end the season with a Savings Celebration. Last chance to place your raw olive orders this year!
We've lowered our price per pound!

1 - 4lbs = $4.50!         

5lbs or More = $4.25!!!

Available from November 17th through December 7th.

 Considering a second shipment this season? If you are ordering for the second time this season we will throw in an extra pound of olives for every 7lbs ordered thru December 7th.

Actual Shipping Costs Apply. To find cost for shipping either email us and ask for price, or see
You may be asked a few questions. Please select when prompted: large box & our zip code is 93722. Olives must be shipped priority mail or Fed Ex.