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Lace Chokers
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White lace choker
Peek-a-Boo White Lace Choker

blue lace choker
Wedge Wood Blue Lace Choker

black lace choker
Enticing Black Lace Choker

white lace choker beaded lace
Old Fashion Charm White Lace Choker
beaded lace choker
Floral Rhinestone Lace Choker

Beautiful design. The camera does not do it justice. Scalloped lavender lace choker with silver rhinestones in the floral pattern. This beaded lace design features 5 strands of exquisite lavender glass beads with hints of iridescent shine.

Sold Out

black lace choker black roses
Black Lace Roses

white lace choker
Lacy White Choker


Red Lace ChokerRed Riding Hood
pink lace choker beaded
Also Available in Pink

This fully adjustable lace choker adds a real racy yet feminine attitude to your look. Appealing  enough to get noticed but not over stated.
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