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BeadCreation Handcrafted Jewelry
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Sparkler Earrings
Sparklers are our specialty at Bead Creation!  They come in a variety of styles and add a real attitude to your look. Fun, Spunky, Elegant, Sensual, or Seductive  you pick the design that fits your attitude and let it shine! Perfect for fun day or night. Get ready to make them say wow!!!
Remember all styles are available in pierced or clip.
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long chandelier earrings,big,beaded earrings
Lightest Lavender Chandelier Earrings

long dangle earring, beaded earring
Timeless Pearl Dangle Earrings

Red Chandelier Earrings
Red Hot Chandelier Earrings

Topaz chandelier earrings
Honey Chandelier Earrings


chandelier earrings, glass earrings brown

Warm Wishes Chandelier Earrings

silver chandelier earrings
Crystal Snow Chandelier Earrings

Pretty silver filigree earrings adorned in clear fire polished glass with iridescent finish.


chandelier earrings, gold filigree chandeliers, crystal chandelier earrings
Dainty filigree blossoms adorned with pretty filigree drops. A fantastic design you can wear day or night, to casual or formal affairs.
Filigree Blossom Chandeliers with Crystal Centers

short chandelier earrings pink beaded earrings
Lovely Lavender Chandelier Earrings


Black clip chandelier earrings
Aurora Borealis Lights the Night
Clip  Earrings

long dangle earrings purple glass beaded earrings
Purple Glass Gem Dangle Earrings


red beaded chandelier earrings
 Roses are Red Chandelier Earrings

brown chandelier earrings gold chandelier earring long
Golden Splash Chandelier Earrings

Gold filigree hoops embellished with brown glass beads with splashes of gold. Very pretty.

gold filigree earrings with crystal stones,chandelier earrings,chandeliers
When photographing the shine off of the gold drops causes them to appear striped. These are in fact a solid gold color.
Twinkles  Lights
This pair is of filigree chandelier earrings are adorned with aurora borealis crystals that set off a dazzling design in gold. Super sexy & go with every color!
approx. length: 4inches

long dangle earrings, beaded earrings long, slender earring
Iridescent Lavender Dangle Earrings

blue chandelier earrings beaded earrings hoop handcrafted gold chandelier earrings
Soft Daydream Powder Blue Chandelier Earrings

brass chandelier earrings filigree gold hoops blue earrings chandeliers cheap
Sing me the blues chandelier earrings


Purple chandelier earrings big
Fade to Purple
Filigree Chandelier

silver dangle earrings with heart,silver earrings, coral pink glass earrings long
 Open Hearted Dangle Earrings


long crystal chandelier earrings beaded earrings
Purity Chandelier Earrings

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