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Lace Chokers
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black lace necklace
Black Tie Affair
Lace Choker Necklace


wide black lace choker
The Supreme Double Ruffled Black Lace Choker

This choker is crafted from a super hot stretchy black trim that has a lace ruffle attatched to both the top and bottom. This is one of our widest trims at nearly 1 1/2 inches in width.

stretchy black lace choker
Black Daisy Stretchy Lace Choker

off white pearl lace choker necklace
Not Your Grandmother's Pearls
Lace Choker
Romantic off-white lace choker adorned with off-white pearl glass beads. Charming necklace has gold colored findings.
slim white lace choker
Sleek and Slender White Lace Choker

white stretchy choker
Ruffled Romance Stretchy White Choker

Transparent white choker gathered with silver detailing.


silver,white lace choker necklace
Silver Touch White Lace Choker

Tiny white lace scallops outlined in silver

navy blue necklace, lace choker,navy blue
Southern Bell Navy Blue Lace Choker

Soft and very delicate navy blue lace choker. A perfect accent to that suit or dress.

white lace necklace
Peek a Boo White Lace Choker

blue lace choker,jewelry,hearts
Light Hearted Blue Lace Choker
Also available in white

light blue choker necklace
Light Blue Lace Choker

Neon Necklace Blue Lace choker
Neon Pink Choker Necklace
Neon Pink
Neon Green
Neon Green Necklace

Neon Lace Choker Necklace

This bright little lace choker is available in three fun colors

Neon Blue
green lace necklace
Frisky Green Lace Choker


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