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Trim Choker
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animal print jewelry
Cheetah Chic Furry Animal Print Choker

yellow car, choker necklace
Little Yellow Cab Choker Necklace

red bandana choker
Red Bandana Choker

blue jean choker, ribbon choker
Stone Washed Blue Jean Choker

camouflage necklace, accessories
Little Soldier Girl Camouflage Choker

brown necklace choker velvet
Velvet Caramel Choker Necklace
Beautiful two tone Caramel brown trim. Soft velvet ribbon encased in lighter brown scroll. Exact shades of this choker will vary slightly.
brown trim necklace,elegant jewelry
Elegant Brown Trim Necklace


blue embroidered choker necklace
Blue Spirit Embroidered Trim Choker Necklace

A beautiful mix of blues with sparkling gold accents

turquoise choker necklace
Scalloped Turquoise Trim Choker

gold band choker
Gold Band Choker

green trim choker kaki green
Trim Choker

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