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Ribbon Choker
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black velvet choker
Golden Rose Velvet Choker Necklace
Petite black velvet choker adorned with a golden rose pendant. Very pretty! Also available in silver.

Sold Out
golg ribbon choker necklace
Gold Spun Ribbon

black velvet choker
Black Velvet Choker

There is only one word to define this style, "classic". A forever fashion that's never out of style.

pink plaid necklace,jewelry
Pink and Black Plaid Ribbon Choker


pink neklace ribbon choker jasmine flower
Sweet Pink Jasmine Ribbon Choker

lavender ribbon choker necklace,daisy
Lazy Daisy Embroidered Ribbon Choker

pink and grey ribbon choker
Rosy Check Ribbon Choker


Grey Velvet Choker Necklace
Smokey Gray Velvet Choker


purple,gray,velvet necklace
Petite Purple Velvet Choker
This pretty little choker is a subtle purple/grey color. Very classy.

Teal ribbon choker necklace
Embossed Teal Ribbon Choker
This beautiful choker has shinny embroidered floral print. Looks like a shimmered embossing.
ribbon choker turquiose ribbon choker necklace
Transparent Teal Choker
with satin edging

blue and white ribbon choker necklace
Diamond Delight Ribbon Choker

silver zipper choker black s m
All Zipped Up
Looks like a very real very shiny zipper, but it's really ribbon!

ribbon choker, shiny
Holotech Shiny Choker

Made from a soft stretchy trim. Sizzling accessory to suit your look.

shiny silver choker, hologram jewelry, rave necklace
Radiant Ribbon Choker Necklace
Black ribbon with a radiant holographic strip down the middle
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