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Velvet Chokers
New velvet chokers will be added each week between 1/20/06 - 2/28/06
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Black Eyelet Choker

Microfiber with a soft velvet feel. Beautiful eyelet design is very destinctive and unique. Only two of these will ever be made.

Ruby Red Velvet Choker

Red velvet weaved into the center of this heavy braided trim. Very hot when coupled with your favorite red lipstick


green velvet choker
Luscious Green Velvet Choker


green velvet necklace
Green Amore
Velvet Choker

Beautiful two tone green trim necklace. Soft light olive green velvet ribbon encased in lighter green scroll.

white velvet choker
Snowflake White Velvet Choker

pink velvet choker necklace
Dusty Rose Velvet Choker
Muted lilac/rose colored velvet. Complimentary to many shades of purple and pink. Nice accesory with every level of dress.
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