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Our Necklaces are not the only adjustable jewelry we offer. Check out newest line of beaded bracelets & anklets!

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 Lace, Leather, Velvet &
Ribbon Chokers
We've searched the web and there's no substitute! BeadCreation is the only designer with these beauties. You either love, love, love them or you hate them. Depending on the style you select, they are really great for formal affairs, dressing up that night on the town out fit, play day at the park, or giving you an irresistible sex appeal to suit the goddess in you.
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 Pansy Choker

Sturdy black ribbon embroidered with burgundy and pink floral vine. This fine ribbon is about 1 inch thick.

stretchy black lace choker beaded adjustable choker black

Ruffled Romance Choker
All of our chokers are adjustable, but this one goes the extra distance. This soft transparent ruffled trim has been designed to stretch. Super cute, with a bit of old fashion charm. Perfect for so many occasions. Guaranteed to fit any size!
Red trim ribbon choker
Bold Intentions
Ribbon Choker

Ruby Red Velvet Choker

Red velvet weaved into the center of this heavy braided trim. Very hot when coupled with your favorite red lipstick


black embroidered ribbon choker
Desire Black Embroidered Ribbon

This bold and beautiful black ribbon is embroidered with gold roses detailed in lavender and red. Ribbon is 1 inch wide.

purple choker
Fairy Tale Purple Braided Trim Choker

black velvet choker
Black Velvet Choker

There is only one word to define this style, "classic". A forever fashion that's never out of style.

Pansy Garden Transparent Choker

Caribean Sea Turquiose Blue Velvet Choker

ribbon choker, shiny
Holotech Shiny Choker

Made from a soft stretchy trim. Sizzling accessory to suit your look.

Soft Blue Velvet Scroll Choker Necklace

silver zipper choker black s m
All Zipped Up
Looks like a very real very shiny zipper, but it's really ribbon!

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Lace & Ribbon Chokers are fully Customizable.
In most cases we can add beads to any of our lace chokers.
The standard length of our lace, ribbon, and velvet chokers are 11 -11 1/2 inches, with an additional 1/2 inch of clasp and 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 inches of adjustable chain closure. This means all of our choker necklaces are adjustable to fit neck sizes begining at 12  inches & in some cases adjustable to 15 1/2 inches. We offer a few stretchy designs which stretch even further if necessary.
. Need one a little smaller or a little longer? No problem, just ask! In most cases there is no additional fee for this service .   If your interested or if you need a measurement or dimension of any of thing you see, just ask!!!

Reorganize Your Search of our chokers at BeadCreation.
Simply click on the direct link below to view the specific choker style.

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Looking for a great pair of earrings? We have a wide selection from tall to small, your sure to find something that expresses your style!

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