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Mini & Extra Long Chandelier Earrings

Mini Chandelier Earrings
Extra Long Chandelier Earrings
Little Pinkies Chandelier Earrings



chandelier earrings, glass earrings brown
Warm Wishes Chandelier Earrings
mini turquiose chandelier earrings
Spear Me
Tiny Chandelier Earrings
small chandelier earrings, black and silver chandelier earrings
Little Black Beauties
Chandelier Earrings


long chandelier earrings,big,beaded earrings
Lightest Lavender Chandelier Earrings

small chandeleir earrings
Wispy White Cloud Chandelier Earrings


long crystal chandelier earrings beaded earrings
Purity Chandelier Earrings

small chandelier earrings
Tiny Brass Chandeliers

Adorned in black iridescent glass with gold accents. Whole earring measures a little over an inch.

Pink Mirror Chandelier Earrings
 Pink Sparkles
Chandelier Earrings

This rare pair of pink mirrored beads fit in our extra long category. Earrings measure about 2 1/2 -3 inches and have incredible reflection and shine.
mini turquiose chandelier earrings
Spear Me
Tiny Chandelier Earrings
silver chandelier earrings
Crystal Snow Chandelier Earrings

Pretty silver filigree earrings adorned in clear fire polished glass with iridescent finish.


small chandelier earrings
 Peachy Little Chandelier

Cute little earrings with a glamorous chandelier like look, but on a very small scale.
Terrific shine from such a small package.
Sold Out
gold chandelier earrings
Gold Fan Chandeliers

This pair of gold tone earrings are complimented by iridescent clear flower beads and faceted beads. Very attractive and eye catching!

Sold Out
Silver Lining
Tiny Chandelier

brown chandelier earrings gold chandelier earring long
Golden Splash Chandelier Earrings

Gold filigree hoops embellished with brown glass beads with splashes of gold. Very pretty.

chandelier earrings yellow glass on silver spears
Little Ray of Sunshine

Tiny little silver chandelier earrings adorned with yellow glass beads. Pretty little silver points hang below.

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crystal chandelier earrings filfigree gold chandeliers
green chandelier earrings
Green Meadow Tiny Chandelier Earrings

beaded chandelier earrings red chandelier earrings  gold hoop earring beaded
Beautiful Berry Red Chandelier Earrings

blue chandelier earrings
Tiny Blue Chandelier Drops

Pretty vibrant blue glass hangs below silver hoops on kidney wires.

Gold hoop chandelier in teal
Teal Chandelier Earrings

This pretty pair of gold hoop earrings is adorned with teal mirrored beads that give off an extra shine.

Sold Out