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BeadCreation Handcrafted Jewelry
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Trim Choker
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purple choker
Fairy Tale Purple Braided Trim Choker

red bandana choker
Red Bandana Choker

blue jean choker, ribbon choker
Stone Washed Blue Jean Choker

leather choker brown adjustable
Riveted Choker
available in brown & black
Brown $9.75
Black $10.25
soft trim choker,ribbon choker,lace choker,blue necklace,choker,blue
Sisters Blue Sweater

This warm, soft, and a little fuzzy blue choker is the softest choker we sell! Very comfortable, very snugly. Limited supply on this design. Only two will be made.

White choker,beaded,adjustable,trim choker
Majestic White Choker

red gold ribbon choker
Royal Style Trim Choker

cream trim choker
Filigree Trim Choker

blue trim choker,ribbon choker,lace choker,blue,fashion necklace,handmade jewelry,handmaid
Intense Blue Trim Choker

green trim choker kaki green
Trim Choker

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