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Olive Season 2019 is Over!




We are no longer excepting new orders for the 2019 season. Orders already received will ship out over the next two weeks. Uncured olives for all your olive curing recipes. Home cured olives are like no other. Once you try one......well heck you can't try just one they're too good. So once you have a few you'll understand why people home cure olives each year!




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Fresh olives right off the tree are available for just a few short months. Olive purchases are shipped on a first come first serve basis.   . 




Note: YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE OUR SHOPPING CART. Simply select your olives and click on the "Buy Now" button. The following page will provide you the option of entering your PayPal ID and Password OR you may select the link below that. Depending on your browser it may say "Do not have a PayPal account?" or it will say "Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card". Both of these options will take you to a secure shopping cart page where you can pay with your credit card or bank card.




All orders will ship approx. 2 days to 4 wks after the date of purchase dependant upon the time of year & weather conditions during harvest. Preseason olive orders will ship within the first 2 weeks after opening day. Usually the last week in September. Purchases are shipped on a first come first serve basis. .




 ~ Fun Olive Facts ~




  • Olives are good for you full of  “good” HDL monounsaturated fat believed to lower bad artery clogging LDL cholesterol levels.



  • Olives are also full of fiber, vitamin E (an important antioxidant), copper, and other nutrients.  So snack away! Olives are not only yummy but good for you too!



  • Each olive has less than 6 calories.



  • It takes 7 liters of olives to make a little less than 1 liter of olive oil.



  • The world consumes nearly 2 and a half million tons of olives every year.



  • It is believed that the first olive trees came from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Brought later to North America in the 1700's.



  • Olives have been around for quite some time. They have been noted in a 2000 year-old Roman cookbook, on carvings on tombs of pharaohs, and of course is mentioned several times in the bible.



  • The olive flower is white and only appears after 4 years, however most olive trees are not harvested until they are roughly 14 years old.



  • The olive branch appears on 7 national flags, four U.S. states, and on the United Nations Flag. A true symbol of peace and good will. With such high regard around the world, the olive is truely a treasured fruit.







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