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 Do you sell olives year round?
Since the olives we sell are picked right off the tree, and shipped straight to you fresh. We are only able to ship olives during the olive's season. Olive season is typically from late September through mid November or so. We do however except orders as soon as June, placing an early order will help to ensure that your are the first to receive your purchase once the season begins and if you happen to be looking for green olives your chances are best earlier in the season. Although most years olive season opens in late September weather conditions can cause the timing to vary. Some years have started as late as the third week in October.

 When to expect your order
We ship olives on a first come first serve basis. Because olive orders are accepted as early as June, when olive season does finally open we are usually backed up the first few weeks shipping these early orders. Delivery times may vary depending on when you placed your order, when exactly the fruit itself becomes ripe, how many orders were receive ahead of you and so on. We usually begin shipping as early as the 2nd week in September and wrap things up as late as the third week or so in December. Generally orders will ship anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks after the date of purchase. We ship USPS priority mail which usually takes 2 - 3 additional days to receive.

 Can I drop by to pick up my olives instead of shipping them?
We do not have a produce sales area at our little orchard and since olives are usually picked just a few days a week and just enough olives to fill the orders that have been placed we do not usually have harvested olives available for pick up. Leaving the olives on the tree until sold ensures a bit longer season, fresher produce, and avoids spoiled product. For all of these reasons we do not allow on site pick up.

 Do you sell Lye?
Unfortunately we do not currently sell lye. However often times you can find a supplier by checking or using your favorite search engine to run a search on  "Sodium Hydroxide" aka lye. Make sure any product you buy is 100% Lye. You do not want to use any other products that contain additives. A food grade Lye is often preferable.

 Do you sell Olive Oil?
Yes. Although it is not yet posted on our site, we do have a terrific extra virgin olive oil that is full of flavor. $15 per 1 liter or $35 per gallon plus shipping. It will soon be available on our site's home page, but for now orders and serious inquiries can be sent directly to We will respond with a secure link to one of our shopping carts with the olive oil you wish purchase in it.

 Do you sell Olives I can use to cure according to a great cure recipe I have?
We have several varieties of olives. All are suitable for curing with which ever method you select. However if you are seeking a darker mix of raw olives to suit your recipe please indicate in the note to seller portion of the order form.

 Do you sell olives already cured?
No. We are a small organic supplier of raw uncured olives. Fresh off the trees and delivered right to your doorstep. Ready for you to use your favorite curing recipe to create a divine culinary experience.

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