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Lace, Leather, Velvet & Ribbon Chokers
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Lace & Ribbon Chokers are fully Customizable.  In most cases we can add beads to lace designs if your interested or if you need a measurement or dimension of any of thing you see, just ask!!!

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navy blue necklace, lace choker,navy blue
Southern Bell Navy Blue Lace Choker

Soft and very delicate navy blue lace choker. A perfect accent to that suit or dress.

yellow car, choker necklace
Little Yellow Cab Choker Necklace

stars and stripes,patrotic jewelry,red,white,blue
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Jewelry


gold band choker
Gold Band Choker

Blossom of the Orient Embroidered Choker

narrow green ribbon choker
Transparent Riches Narrow Ribbon Choker
with transparent center and satin edging. Beautiful gold detailing.
auburn trim choker necklace
Auburn Trim Choker

brown velvet choker necklace
Cowgirl Comfort Velvet Brown Choker
This soft velvet necklace almost gives the look of a brushed sued, but has all the comfort of a double sided velvet.
pink ribbon choker
Pink (as shown above) #832
White #833

Iridescent Illusions
available in pink or white

Pink $8.75
White $8.75
black and white plaid choker necklace
Black & White Checkers Choker
camouflage necklace
Little Soldier Girl Camouflage Choker

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