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Ribbon Choker
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black velvet choker necklace with pendant
Black & Blue Velvet Choker Necklace with Beautiful Pendant

plaid necklace
Blue Plaid Ribbon Choker

clear iridescent choker necklace
Honestly Sheer Silver Ribbon Choker
Shiny silver threads give a real shine. Clear mesh design with glistening stripe pattern. Fully adjustable closure with clear iridescent pendant to hang down the back of your neck.

blue purple choker necklace ribbon
Vibrance Ribbon Choker Necklace

Some may say blue, some may say purple, but everyone would agree the color is stunning and vibrant. Pretty choker outlined in silver with a transparent middle and scallops.

blue embroidered choker necklace
Blue Spirit Embroidered Choker Necklace

A beautiful mix of blues with sparkling gold accents

white velvet choker
Snowflake White Velvet Choker

Duck themed jewelry,ribbon choker
Quackers Ribbon Choker

Cute little duckies in water with festive polk-a-dots

turtle necklace
Happy Little Turtle Ribbon Choker Necklace
blue ribbon choker,necklace,silver
Cool White Embroidered Choker
Beautiful choker necklace embellished with blue & silver details. A hot look with blue jeans, a sexy suit, or special dress.
white,silver ribbon choker
Silver Lining Transparent Choker

White ribbon with transparent center outlined in silver
teal ribbon choker,shiny,jewelry
Pixie Garden Embroidered Ribbon Choker
 This beautiful necklace has teal blue metallic scrolls and details that really make it shine.
spring green necklace
Lucky Green Metallic Ribbon Choker

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