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Homemade Olives!
Whether your a seasoned veteran in olive curing or you have no idea what curing even is, you're in the right place. If you've got raw olives, need raw olives, or are just curious about the whole process we've got a something for you. Simply read on.....


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 What is olive curing?
Olive curing is the process used to remove the bitterness of the raw olives. In ancient Greece olives where put in bags and hung over the side of boats so that the salt water would extract the bitterness. They were then placed in oil and seasoned. Today we use easier & somewhat quicker methods with a large variety of processes to choice from. Some processing methods are quite time consuming however and others are a matter of simple steps over 3-5 days. It's all up to you!

 Why do olives have to be cured?
Raw olives contain Alkaloid that makes them naturally bitter and uneatable. Curing olives may seem like a time consuming chore. However to a true olive lover, your reward is well worth the effort. If this is your first time curing olives, take a look at the selection of curing methods available. Not all are terribly complicated or inconvenient. There are a few ways to cure olives with little work at all. Once you make them successfully, you will undoubtedly want to make them each and every year.

 Is this something I can do?

Absolutely! Anyone can cure olives. It's just a matter of finding a curing recipe that suits your taste preference and the amount of preparation time your willing to spend.

 Will it be worth it?

Depending on the size of the olive. Some people say the tiny olive varieties are not worth the effort. However start with raw olives of a good size and.....this question has to be the easiest to answer.....YES! YES! YES! Every person I've spoken to can not seem to make enough. Each season I make them they are gone before I get a chance to eat them. You will find that neighbors & family become extra friendly during olive season! Many people make the largest jars they can and stash them away for years. So to wrap it up the final word is Yummmy!!!

 Olive curing recipes

Orders for raw olives can be placed at any time. However olives are ripe and in season to be picked in late September thru late November.  Orders are on a first come first serve basis and should be placed no later than November 1 to guarantee  you receive them the same growing season. Not to worry if placed after November 1 we will do our best to fill your order that season and most often do. However we reserve the right to ship late orders the following season if we run out of produce. The last day of harvest should fall somewhere in the second  to third week of November.

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