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This site is size friendly. Whether you are petite or plus you can create a anklet or bracelet length you require.  
Handmade Beaded Glass Jewelry
Single strand of Iridescent Fire Polished Faceted Glass beads, with gold accents. This design can be:
Red, Blue, Purple, Green, & Pink Glass with your choice of silver or gold accents.

Charmed Spirit
USA charm bracelet


charm bracelet
 Faintest Pink Bracelet & Anklet Set

Prettiest little pink beads with a golden glow on beautiful quality costume gold  chain. This duo is the  perfect touch to give your look a real feminine appeal.
red beaded bracelet
Juicy Red Beaded Bracelet

Red glass beads with iridescent shine in combo with touches of silver make this bracelet stylish and sharp. Chain closure allows for perfect fit. This bracelet may also adjust to become an anklet.

Snowball Bracelet

A mix of frosted and clear beads with iridescent finish. Bracelet is fully adjustable and can be worn by some as bracelet or anklet

Hematite Stone Bracelet

Pretty silver hematite stone chips with gold accents and foe pearls. This design would match so many things. Silver or gold, black or white your in fashion.

Subtle Shine Black Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet is really fun. Not to showy yet full of shine. Black beads have subtle iridescent gloss and silver beads have reflective center that lights up against the other beads. Perfect fashion accessory for so many looks.

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