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Handcrafted Jewelry

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1.  Ordering Custom Jewelry

Q.  I really like a necklace you have but would like it in an assortment of hues of blues instead of just clear iridescent beads. I select the shopping cart button, but it does not let me write in what I want.

A. Okay not a problem! There are a few ways to do this.......
1.  Select the necklace you are interested in. Click on the "add to cart" button. As you proceed through the purchase process you will encounter an area where you can leave a message for "the seller." Simply specify your needs, likes, & dislikes.  If you leave us your E-mail address we will send you pictures and recommendations so that we can create the best possible jewelry design to suit you.

2.  The second way to do this is by placing your order and then, by sending us an E-mail. Tell us which item you have ordered and are interested in customizing. List your likes and dislikes. Don't forget to leave us your E-mail address. We will then send you pictures of the beads you can select from, along with recommendations, and questions if we have any in regards to your preferences. This allows us to understand the look you are after, so we may create the best possible piece for you.

A Note about customizing: Once the design you are looking for and a price has been agreed on, we will begin to create your order. However, we require a nonrefundable payment of at least 50% in advance for all custom orders of $5.00 or more.. The reason for setting this policy is that we have many customers who create a wonderful custom design idea, but perhaps a few days later may loose their enthusiasm. Paying half in advance helps to keep both the customer and the designer committed and focused  to completing the custom request. All customized orders are non refundable. We do our very best to keep the lines of communication open so that we may understand and satisfy your needs, however design is a form of art and one persons interpretation may differ from another. This is why we allow you to approve of any item you are customizing. Once you have made this approval we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance and then ship out your order upon receipt of payment. Please keep in mind however due to the labor, time, and material that may be involved in creating a custom order we do not allow refunds on these items.

 2. Shipping Costs

Q. What are your shipping costs?
A. We ship via USPS first class mail for packages with delivery confirmation. We offer a flat rate shipping fee with in the US of only $2.99. No matter what the total of your final purchase!
Sorry but we can no longer except orders outside of the US and Canada


4. When to Expect Your Order. 
Q.  How Long Until I Receive My Order?
A.  Because this is a handcrafted jewelry site, in many cases, an order  is handcrafted just for you when you make a purchase. This means delivery times may be a little slower than when you place an order for electronics or books, which can usually be shipped the next day. Below is a guideline for when you should expect your items to be shipped.

      If placing your order by credit card and have no customizing requests, expect your order to ship out in 3 - 6  weeks. In
      most cases orders ship in three weeks, but occasionally during our busier seasons orders may take up to 6
      weeks to ship.
      If placing your order by credit card and you have customized some of your items expect delivery in about 3 - 7 weeks.

      If placing your order by sending check or money order and you are not customizing allow 3 - 6 weeks.

      If placing your order by sending check or money order and you are customizing allow about 4 - 8 weeks.

 5. Secure Payment Transactions
Q. How private/secure are my payment transactions?
A. PayPal handles our credit card transactions as well as electronic check payments. They are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. When you send or request money using PayPal, the only information the recipient/BeadCreation sees is your E-mail address, date of sign-up, and whether you have confirmed an account at another financial institution. BeadCreation never sees your financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers.  PayPal is committed to utilizing the best commercially available technology and procedures to protect the security of your online transactions.

 6. Return Policies
Q. The earrings I received were missing an earring hook. What can I do?
A. No problem! Bead Creation guarantees all it's work against faulty assembly. Simply e-mail us and let us know of the defect. Then send us back the jewelry item with insurance or confirmation. We will fix your jewelry piece and send you a complimentary item as a way of apologizing for your inconvenience. Sometimes we throw in an extra savings coupon or an additional free item with your next order depending the severity of the defect.

Q. I've changed my mind. I think I'd like to return the earrings I received. What is your return policy?
A. Unfortunately BeadCreation can not except any returns on items already received. This would be for two reasons. 1. The reason for this is not only BeadCreation policy, but law in many states.  Earrings that have been previously worn, can not be resold as new due to sanitary reasons. (Similar to laws that protect consumers on items like underwear or bathing suits) As much as we'd like to believe that the items have not been worn. We are unable know this with complete certainty. 2. Many of our items are appropriate for formal wear or special occasions. We are so pleased to help you complete that perfect look. However, because special events usually only last one night, most jewelry shops (Afterthoughts, Claire's, Elaine's, Touch of Class) do not except or limit returns for this reason. We truly wish there was a way of allowing returns, but we honestly feel this is the best way to guarantee that the items you purchase are always top quality.  

 7. Privacy Policy
Q. If I place an order with your company, am I going to get a lot of junk mail?
A.  Nope. Absolutely, positively not. We don't share your name or information with ANYONE.  The only people who will see any of your information is our staff.when preparing your order. It is possible however that we may send you one or two e-mails a year just to let you know when we are having a clearance sale or special promotion.. It doesn't happen often, but when it does we usually go all out slashing prices or practically giving things away. Also our newsletter will let you know when we are releasing a new spring or fall line. If you do not wish to receive a notice from us once a year (maybe twice) then please e-mail us and let us know.

 8. Where are your clip earrings?
Q. Where are your clip earrings? Which earrings can be made into clip earrings? Where can I find a photo of your clip earrings?
A. All of our earrings are available for both clip or pierced ears. Most of our designs are photographed as pierced earrings, because this is what is most popular. However since we hand craft all of our earrings it only requires a quick adjustment and we can change the pierced post or hook. and exchange it with the necessary part for clip ears. To see a photo of these interchangeable pieces click here. There is no charge to change an earring from pierced to clip or clip to pierced. The only time there is a fee is when you are changing from regular pierced earrings to 22k gold or sterling silver.

9.  Shopping Cart Trouble
Q. I am having trouble using the shopping cart on this site.
A. If you would like to make an order or have difficulty placing an order it could be one of two issues. The first beig a browser preventing pop up ads. While this is a very important tool to avoid viewing a million pop up while surfing the net, your pop up blocker may be blocking our shopping cart window from launching. If you are able to allow pop ups on our site your shopping cart will open. We do not generate any popups other than a shopping cart so you should be able to shop carefree.
The second possible reason for having trouble placing an order is a malfuntion with our cart. We are currently updating all of our pages to get rid of a small code error. We are 90% done, and this shouldn't cause a problem for most shoppers. However, If your shopping cart window opens but tells you there is an error you may have found an item we haven't updated yet. If this happens you can simply close our shopping cart window and email a list of items you would like directly to BeadCreation@yahoo.com Simply provide the item name & number. We will send you a direct link to our secure shopping cart with your items already in it.
Our appologies for any inconvenience during this process. Site update will be completed in a few days, and be better than ever! Thank you for your patience.