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 Red Lace, Leather, Velvet & Ribbon Chokers
Lace & Ribbon Chokers are fully Customizable.  In most cases we can add beads to lace designs if your interested or if you need a measurement or dimension of any of thing you see, just ask!!!
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red white lace choker
Romantic Red Bouquet Lace Choker Necklace

White lace with scallops of red flowers along the bottom.


red ribbon choker
Red, White, and Black Embroidered Ribbon Choker

red velvet choker
Ruby Red Velvet Choker

Red velvet weaved into the center of this heavy braided trim. Very hot!


kiss me,flirty jewelry,ribbon choker
Kiss Me You Fool Ribbon Choker Necklace
This sweet little necklace just didn't photo well for me. It's a shiny black satin finish with metallic red writing that repeats "Kiss Me" separated by sexy red lip prints.
Red lace choker
Love on Fire Lace Choker Necklace

Red Lace Choker
Red Riding Hood
 Sold Out
This fully adjustable lace choker adds a real racy yet feminine attitude to your look. Appealing  enough to get noticed but not over stated. Available in Red, Pink, or White

pink lace choker beaded
Also Available in

indian ribbon choker
Indian Inspirations

stars and stripes,patrotic jewelry,red,white,blue
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Jewelry


Hawian Jewelry
Hawaiian Vacation
Ribbon Choker

Red Beaded Lace Choker Sexy
Romantic Heart Red Lace Choker

Sold Out

More beaded lace chokers coming soon!
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