BeadCreation Spring Newsletter
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 New Line of Velvet, Lace, and Ribbon Chokers
Our line of velvet, lace, and ribbon chokers has grown by leaps and bounds. We currently lead the industry in selection of these hot accessories! In order to make finding just what you are looking for easier we've organized our pages in a couple different ways. We started by organizing by material used such as lace, ribbon, velvet, trim, and so on. However most recently we gave it a little more thought and decided that if you have an outfit in purple that needs the perfect accessory perhaps going straight to a purple page would help out! Now you'll find a link at the bottom of each choker page helping you do just that. You'll find links to our chokers sorted according to color! Check it out!!!
 A Return of the Classics
It's always sad to see a favorite design go. Most times the reason for this is an inability to aquire more of the supplies needed to continue making more. We've been very lucky to get a hold of a final role of lace or fabric that has been discontinued. Allowing us to make just a few more chokers for you! Don't hesitate on this special offer. Supplies will go fast.
 New Assortment of Beaded Lace and Trim Chokers
 Our Spring Line has been released! Please feel free to glance at our newest choker additions now available.
   Gift Certificates Available
BeadCreation now offers Gift Certificates! The perfect gift for the hard to buy for. Just think what a nice gift to give someone. Jewelry they personally select or customize and is handcrafted just for them. We will send you a lovely card with the gift certificate inside. They of course never expire. For more information simply click here!

  New Pages Added to BeadCreation
New pages and products have been added to our site over the last couple months. You may want to take a moment to check a few of these out!
Black Choker Necklaces
White Choker Necklaces
Brown Choker Necklaces
Pink Choker Necklaces
Red Choker Necklaces
Blue Choker Necklaces
Yellow Choker Necklaces
Green Choker Necklaces
Purple Choker Necklaces

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