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Classic Earrings
A bit longer than a Shortie but not quit the bang of a sparkler. Classics are our  medium length earrings. Great for going from the office to a night out on the town. Polish off that perfect outfit, and make your look complete!
Remember all styles are available in pierced or clip.

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brown small chandelier earrings
Sweet Brownies
Chandelier Earrings

This pretty pair of earrings has all the flair of chandelier earrings in a shorter size. Earrings are only 1 1/4 inch long

black iridescent small dangle earrings
Midnight Rainbow Earrings


Sold Out

Beaded Clip Earrings
 Turquoise Temptations

small chandelier earrings, black and silver chandelier earrings
Little Black Beauties
Chandelier Earrings


dangle earrings in red glass prom fashion earrings
Red & Gold Sassy  Glass Earrings

$6.00 #00103
silver dangle earrings
 Street Wear Earrings

  Sold Out
chandelier earrings yellow glass on silver spears
. Little Ray of Sunshine

Out of Stock
chandelier gold and crystal filigree earrings
Gold Filigree Mini Chandeliers

red hoop earrings
Candy Red Glass Hoop  Earrings

$4.25  # 0121

blue glass dangle earrings
Sky Blue Earrings

small chandeleir earrings
Wispy White Cloud Chandelier Earrings


gold heart dangle earrings
Hearts of Gold Dangle Earrings

Cute dangle earrings. Hearts are a light weight one sided stamping.


dangle earrings
Icy Clear Iridescent Dangle Earrings


daisy dangle earrings
Daisy Dreams
Dangle Earrings

Sold out

clear iridescent dangle earrings
Iridescent Daisy Dangle Earrings

These beads have an iridescent rainbow glow. The photographer put a little too much light behind this pair, to show off the reflective iridescent qualities. They pick up colors from what ever you are wearing.


silver hoop earrings, double hoop earrings
Hip Hoops

This pair of double hoop earrings has round corrugated bead at center. Smart silver earrings are the perfect combo for so many looks business wear, everyday style, or an evening out.

black dangle earrings fashion
 Mystical Midnight

clip earrings dangle miracle beaded earrings clip
Teal Reflections
Clip Earrings

Out of Stock

dangle earrings
Fire Dangle Earrings


Green Cubed Filigree Dangle Earrings

green dangle earrings
dangle clip earrings dangle blue glass
Ball & Chain Blue Clip Earrings


burgundy dangle earrings fashion prom style
Burgundy Dangle Earrings

Sold Out
red hoop earrings
 Faceted Red Glass Hoops

$3.50  #0122

purple glass dangle earrings
 Purple Glass Disc Earrings

purple and gold dangle earrings
Gold Splash on Purple Glass Filigree Dangle Earrings


silver chandelier earrings
Silver Lining Tiny Chandelier Earrings

Out of Stock

red dangle earrings
Coming Soon
blue dangle earrings
Blue Spot Light Dangle Earrings

Out of Stock
green chandelier earrings
Green Meadow Tiny Chandelier Earrings

pink heart dangle earrings
Dear to my Heart
Dangle Earrings