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Semiprecious Stone & Pearl Earrings
Semi Precious Stone
22k gold turquoise barrel earrings
Tall Turquoise
22k gold earrings

Beautiful turquoise is hot right now. This cute pair is 22k gold and true turquoise stone will last forever!

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22k gold turquoise earrings
$14.50     #00158
Blushing Turquoise
dangle earrings

Pale green turquoise stone has faint whispers of pink through out. Both turquoise and dangle earrings are all the rage right now. This pair has both!

Turquoise arrow head earrings 22k gold
Turquoise Tears

Dainty little pointed turquoise stone earrings accented in 22k gold and hang from 22k gold hooks.

Blue Topaz Earrings

This cute little pair of earrings is made with the faintest blue topaz stones. Very subtle.

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A Touch of Class
Simple little touches of garnet and gold dangle from your ears.

$12.00     #00155
Sweet Garnet Earrings
Beautiful garnet stones strung on 22k gold wires. Gold accents complete the look.
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Bitmap Image
$16.00   #00178

Blue Gold Stone Dangle Duo

Sunstone comes in two colors. Sunny original and blue. This design is made with "Blue Sunstone". Despite the name the color looks black with beautiful sparkle.

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rose quartz crystal ball earrings
Rose Quartz Crystal Earrings

Elegant pink crystal balls dangle from yours ears with true style. Accompanied by pink glass beads and quality costume gold hooks.
$7.50     #00149
Periot chip earrings
Delightfully Dainty Periot Earrings

Semiprecious periot chip stones create this simple yet sophisticated set
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22k gold tigers eye earrings
Grab that Tiger!
Red Tigers Eye Earrings
Fantastic 22k gold red tigers eye earrings. Very cute! Tigers eye stone has a fiber optic quality that moves as you do.
$10.50     #00150
red tigers eye stone earrings with 22k gold
$11.50     #00151
Tiger Tail
Red Tigers Eye Earrings
Beautiful tigers eye stone has terrific movement & fiber optic like qualities. This pair is really sweet and could go with so many things. Created with 22k gold.
Amethyst Dangle Earrings
at an out of this world price! These are a unique one of a kind creation. Very beautiful precious stone with small glass accent.
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Purple Petals Amethyst Earrings
Dainty little earrings created with flat amethyst stones accented with tiny fire polished glass beads.
carnelian stone dangle earrings
This pair of dangle earrings in Carnelian gem stone and yellow faceted glass.
1 1/2 inch earrings hang from costume gold  hooks.
$5.50     #0180
carnelian stone earrings
Lemon Drops
Beautiful little lemon drops earrings made from carnelian gem stone and yellow faceted glass. Only 3/4 inch long.
$5.00     #0181
Carnelian Sunset Jewelry Set

Hot red/orange Carnelian stone meets cool silver in this very alluring & unique set. Costume silver chain in a chandelier necklace style adorned with pretty Carnelian stone.
blue pearl earrigns 22k gold
Deep Blue Pearl and 22k gold Earrings
This color is hard to describe. It's a deep blue almost navy with an iridescent green  finish. Dainty little pearls say you've got class!
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Salt water pearls
Champagne Pearl and 22k gold earrings
Light champagne colored pearls have a classic look. This is a one of a kind pair!
$14.50     #00160
Fresh water gold pearls with 22k gold
$12.50     #00152
Golden Dreams
Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

Elegant 22k gold dangling pearl earrings. These pearls have been treated to be a lustrous gold color. Simple & sophisticated. This pair is a one of a kind!
pearl earrings in blue and green with 22k gold
$12.50     #00153
Deep Water Wonders
Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

22k gold earrings adorned with mysteriously gorgeous blue/green iridescent pearls.
Very unique!
Long pearl earrings
Tiny Treasure
Pearl & 22k Gold Earrings
Tiny champagne pearls accompany iridescent faceted glass that add a bit of sparkle.
$10.50     #00161
white pearl & sterling silver

Sterling Classics
This pair of earrings has plenty of classic style. Good size creamy white pearls hang playfully from silver beads and hooks.


Grandma's Pearls

This dainty pair of 22k gold earrings boast a couple of rather large white pearls. Very tasteful. 22k gold kidney wires will ensure a secure fit.

champagne pearl chandelier earrings

Simply Exquisite!

This one of a kind pair of pearl earrings are like no other. Beautiful and unique fresh water champagne pearls strung on 22k gold.