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 Lace, Leather, Velvet & Ribbon Chokers
Lace & Ribbon Chokers are fully Customizable.  In most cases we can add beads to lace designs if your interested or if you need a measurement or dimension of any of thing you see, just ask!!!

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blue velvet necklace,velvet choker
Sapphire Blue Velvet Choker

This rich sapphire blue velvet is perfectly complimented by a beautiful hand painted  bead pendant at the end of the chain closure. This is a one of a kind original.
Sorry no duplicates available.

blue lace choker
Wedge Wood Blue Lace Choker

soft trim choker,ribbon choker,lace choker,blue necklace,choker,blue
Sisters Blue Sweater

This warm, soft, and a little fuzzy blue choker is the softest choker we sell! Very comfortable, very snugly. Limited supply on this design. Only two will be made.

blue jean choker, ribbon choker
Stone Washed Blue Jean Choker

blue trim choker,ribbon choker,lace choker,blue,fashion necklace,handmade jewelry,handmaid
Intense Blue Trim Choker

ribbon choker necklace
Powder Blue Iridescent Ribbon Choker
This pale blue ribbon choker is accented with iridescent stripes. A great mix of soft and shine.
Turquoise trim choker,ribbon necklace
Soft Turquoise Trim Choker Necklace

ribbon choker turquiose ribbon choker necklace
Transparent Teal Ribbon Choker
with satin edging

green velvet choker
Luscious Green Velvet Choker

green velvet necklace
Green Velvet Scrolled Choker
Beautiful two tone green trim. Soft velvet ribbon encased in lighter green scroll.
Trim Choker

silver trim choker adjustable
Soft Silver Choker

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Have a little fun with our lace chokers, velvet chokers, and leather chokers. Pair them up with almost any style. Casual fashion, evening wear, gothic clothing, renaissance clothing, lingerie and more!