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 Lace, Leather, Velvet & Ribbon Chokers
Lace & Ribbon Chokers are fully Customizable.  In most cases we can add beads to lace designs if your interested or if you need a measurement or dimension of any of thing you see, just ask!!!

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White lace choker
Peek-a-Boo White Choker

white vintage trim choker,white roses,necklace with roses
Vintage Lace Choker

Created from a delicate rose vine of vintage lace. Accented with gold colored closure. Simple, elegant, sophisticated, and sexy all in one package.

White ribbon choker necklace
Golden Scroll White Ribbon Choker

white lace choker beaded lace
Old Fashion Charm White Lace Choker
Goddess White  Choker
stretchy choker necklace,white
Modern Woman White Stretchy Choker Necklace

white beaded lace choker
Frost Fantasy
Beaded Lace Choker

white velvet choker
Snowflake White Velvet Choker

white ribbon choker necklace toga jewelry
Roman Romance

Honestly Iridescent Ribbon Choker
Iridescent threads give a rainbow shine. Clear mesh design with glistening stripe pattern. Fully adjustable closure with clear iridescent pendant to hang down the back of your neck.

White choker,beaded,adjustable,trim choker
Majestic White Choker

Hey Sailor!
Ribbon Choker

white lace choker
Lacy White Choker


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